Jealousy Eassy

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Jealousy can be explained as an envious or bitter attitude toward someone or some thing. Most will stop and really consider the effects of it on their outlooks on life. When people think of jealousy they associate it with negative. This multifaceted emotion can be positive as it could cause one to strive for better. However a trait such as this one can destroy your life if you let it take over. Some may ask what drives jealousy because they don’t understand why the other cares so much when they don’t. Jealousy finds a way to creep into our lives without our own realization and can have short or long term effects. Jealousy affects everyone who has it in a different way, either, emotionally, physically, or psychologically. Any strong emotion felt by a human would take a toll and will definitely be transparent in a person. The consumption of jealousy destroys relationships, affects social lives, and affects roles in everyday life.
Everyone’s life revolves around social actions, with that comes relationships. Jealousy can take a toll on anyone’s involvement with another person. I watched this happen first hand and not only did it affect the people in the situation, but me. I remember the night so vividly like I’m still there in that moment. My dad and mom had been together for eleven years and everything to me seemed great, but what would I know I was only four. He got upset because a friend of my mom’s had been texting her and as anyone would, he got suspicious. A highly social
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