Jeff Koons : An American Artist

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Jeff Koons is an American sculptor, painter, and multimedia artist. He attended Maryland Institute College of Art located in Baltimore. He worked as a Wall Street commodities broker before he became an artist. Jeff Koons was born January 21, 1955 in York, Pennsylvania to parents Henry and Gloria Koons. His mother worked as a seamstress and his father was a furniture dealer and interior decorator. Oxford art online stated that in the1980s Jeff Koons won international recognition as a radical exponent of an NEO– GEO. Artsy states that “Jeff Koons plays with ideas of taste, pleasure, celebrity and commerce.” Koons commented that his art and personal life is based in advertisement and media completely. He states that he has always loved …show more content…

(Rothkope 15). Jeff Koons had a record for the highest selling piece of art. He achieved the record auction price for a living artist when someone paid $ 584 million at Chistie’s in Manhattan for his balloon dog, (Orange) 1955. Koons the States that all his works come from inspirations. (Lacayo 2014). He states that he hates when people focus on the price of his art he told New York Times “it’s not about the money, Other young artists I wanted to engage in the excitement of making art and sharing ideas, that’s what the art world means to me. This pieces “woman in tub (1988) was an inspiration from when he was younger. His grandfather had an ashtray in their television room; it was a small porcelain over girl in a bath tub. Koons explains that it was white with pink and blue details. He states that this piece also references Magnets and Degas. A few of his series that I love are equilibrium, banality, and made in heaven. Jeff Koons has made many different types of art and all of them are known to all the art world but These three are the main ones that was the talk about or create controversy. In 1985 stated by Rothkope Jeff Koons exhibition “equilibrium” came out. This exhibition was of equilibrium tanks with blue the Glass aquarium’s that held one or more basketball submerge in precise combination of distilled water and seawater that kept them suspended in the center of the tank. In a TV series called art 21 Jeff Koons talks about is “Banality” series. He stated

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