Jeffrey Dahmer: The Crazed Killer

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Sex, alcohol, and necrophilia, these are all things that represent the troubled life of Jeffrey Dahmer. Dahmer is considered the definition of a crazed and confused individual. Jeffrey Dahmer’s actions are disturbing, and psychotic. Jeffrey Dahmer’s life as a boy never indicated the horrific trouble that would follow., Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 21, 1960 his parents Lionel and Joyce Dahmer were overjoyed. For the first six years of his life Jeffrey seemed completely normal in every way (Lassieur 87). In middle school Dahmer was often associated with the social Misfits. In High school Jeff was described by his peers as “the loneliest kid in school.” Counselors described Dahmer as a barbed wire portrait of a devil minded teen with Divorcing and Neglectful parents. Dahmer was mimicked and often did imitations of cerebral palsy victims (“My Friend” 65). In January 1979, Dahmer enlisted in the army having begun and dropped out of college. In the Army, Dahmer kept to himself and drank most of the time. Just months before his three year enlistment time was over, Dahmer was discharged for alcohol and drug abuse, this is when his downward spiral began (Lassieur 90). Dahmer’s life forever changed in the summer of 1978. Dahmer killed his first victim, Steven Hicks, After Steven was killed, Dahmer discovered that he was aroused by the idea that he finally had control over someone who would never leave him (Lassieur 90). In september 1987 Dahmer killed his second victim, Steven

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