Jesus Christ, The Last Adam, By The Disobedience Of The First Adam

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Jesus Christ, the Last Adam, Offers Spiritual Life, Lost by the Disobedience of the First Adam

Alex Bogdanoff

DO601DE Christology
Deacon Michael Ross, PhD
16 February 2017
Utilizing Holy Scripture, JESUS CHRIST: Fundamentals of Christology, Roch A. Keresky, Catechism of the Catholic Church, class lecture notes and writings of Church Fathers, I will present Jesus as the last Adam, and will discuss that through the His obedience, the spiritual life, lost from the fall of the first Adam, is offered by God. In St Paul’s letter to the Romans he says of Adam and Jesus, “just as through one transgression condemnation came upon all, so through one righteous act, acquittal and life came to all.” (Rom 5:18, NAB )
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The good thief narrative serves as an explicit demonstration of the saving power (and intention) of the last Adam, an illustration applicable for all the ages. Kereszty parallels Paul’s distinction between the two Adams by noting that through the first Adam’s disobedience, “death, physical and spiritual, began to reign over mankind”, starting an “avalanche” of sin, but through “Jesus’ obedience offered is the grace of a new life with God.”
Probably the most Christological of the Pauline writings is in the Letter to the Philippians. (2:6-11) Read every Sunday in celebration of Vespers, the hymn describes the “emptying” of Christ, laying aside His glory, assuming humanity, and being exalted to “Lord”, through his obedience. Kereszty uses verses 6 through 8 to differentiate between the first and last Adams. He attributes the fall of Adam to his desire to “grab equality with God” . I can see how the snake’s (Satan’s) tempting lie to eat of the forbidden fruit, “…you will be like gods, who know good and evil” (Gn 3:5), played into or promoted this desire. Conversely, the last Adam abandoned “his status of equality with God” (v. 6-7), providing an avenue of salvation for all humanity. In Genesis God gives Adam a mandate to take dominion, “lord” as a king would, over the earth (1:28), but due to his failure, he lost this “lordship” to Satan, who gained authority over the earth. (1 Jn 5:19). Jesus

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