Jesus Christ Was The Son Of God The Father

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Tupou Fakatene
Mr. Clifford
Theology 3A
15 December 2014
Final Exam Essay Jesus Christ was the Son of God the Father. He was born in Bethlehem in Judea by the Virgin Mary. During his childhood, it is said that Jesus spread wisdom and stature in favor of God. (Luke 2:52) As he grew older, he went on a mission sent by God to guide his followers through the way and show them an easier route into the Kingdom of God by preaching to the people. His public ministry deepened the knowledge of his people about God’s word. From this, they gradually understood more about the love God has for them. Today, he is a role model for many people of all religions, especially Catholics and Christians. Jesus Christ, the Son of God almighty, is the Messiah, the light, and both 100% man as well as God.
God had sent Jesus to live in this world to complete the mission of suffering for the good of all man’s sins. In other words, his ultimate sacrifice for the people was indeed the event that many Catholic Christian individuals quickly think about when they hear about Jesus. If it weren’t for his sacrifice, many individuals wouldn’t have had a special bond with God. Sin is what separates us from God the Father and now that Jesus saved the world from salvation, they can have a special and unique bond with the Father. Jesus gave his followers a key into the Kingdom of God by putting his life before theirs. Jesus’ sacrifice showed his immense love for his followers. For example, the film, “Of Gods And…
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