Jesus, The Son Of Mary Essay

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Jesus, the son of Mary was alive during a very different time setting that the one we live in today. People from all over the world have a different perspective as to who Jesus was what he taught and how his actions become examples of that he believed in and how us Christians behave in society today. Jesus’ main goal was to teach everybody
A survey of ten random people was conducted. This survey was about answering the question on who Jesus was to them. Amongst men and women, those who have faith and some who do not carry faith in their hearts, the answer to who Jesus was varied. There can be many answers, most answers conducted described his characteristics he carried through the time he lived. Other people directed their answer of who is Jesus to “he died for our sins.” Yes, he did but die for our sins but that is not the only things he did. That was towards the end of his life, that he was put on that cross to forgive us for our sins. It was a great sacrifice but many people did not really know who he was, what he taught, and his action or work he for others during his time. In the survey, nobody brought up his miracle performed, how he would feed those who were hungry. If a woman was standing on the exiting of the 99 highway with old, dirty clothing, holding a small bottle of vodka, and smoking a cigarette, Jesus would not think twice about stopping to help this woman out in a way that would help her for a lifetime not just a temporary fix.
Jesus showed love

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