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Jet Blue Case
“Delighting costumers through happy jetting”

Questions for Discussion

1. Give examples of needs, wants, and demands that JetBlue customers demonstrate, differentiating these three concepts. What are the implications of each for JetBlue’s practices?


* Food * To sit * Security


* Coffee juices and snacks. * Comfortable sit * Entertainment * Variety of channels * Nice and confortable terminal with more security lanes. * Free Wi-Fi


* Legroom and flatter recline position * Dunkin Donuts coffee * Leather sits * LCD entertainment system * Latest movies and favorite TV show for
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They Terminal has comfort lounge area, restaurants, stores, children’s play zone free WI- FI.

I think in a Jet Blue Strategy they have exchange all of these amenities just for the fact of retained customers and grow their businesses, because at the end of the day as soon you keep costumers happy they will be loyal to the company and of course the company will make profits. Jet Blue is company which has 1.1 million of followers on twitter that show us that Jet blue is doing an excellent job and giving feedback to their customers.

3. Which of the five marketing management concepts best applies to JetBlue?

I think in certain point the 5 five apply, but the one that I consider best applies to Jet Blue is Customer Value Satisfaction, because I imagine that when they start people have low expectations about it, due to they are a new company in the market, and most new companies are more likely to make mistakes at the beginning, for this reason I think Jet Blue knew how to handle of that and do excellent job, where costumer where satisfied and exceeded expectations.

4. What value does JetBlue create for its customers?

Jet Blue is a company that is always giving a added value in everything they do, as an example I could say people would like to have comfortable seats but they give them a comfortable leather seat, also with the option of a legroom just for a few more dollars,

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