Jetblue Swot Analysis

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SWOT Analysis: JetBlue Airways

DeVry University Online by Keith Escher

Organizational History

Known as one of the very few airlines which has actually managed to make a profit since the downturn in the travel business, which was a result of the
September 11th attacks, JetBlue Airways continues to pride itself by living up to its dedication of “bringing humanity back to air travel”(JetBlue Bill of Rights).
JetBlue was incorporated in Delaware in August 1998 and was founded by David
Neeleman, a former Southwest Airlines employee and practicing Mormon man with nine children in February of 1999(JetBlue Airways). The vision of the airline was to provide low cost air travel with certain amenities, including TV’s on
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The company learned early on that it was more of a cost effective approach when employees are used in a variety of job roles, as opposed to having employees who are specialized in one area only and that are not permitted to work outside of their job expertise.

In addition to their wonderful staff and customer service, JetBlue also offers their passengers “comfortable seating, with lots of leg room. They actually are able to offer their taller passengers some extra leg room with 4 more inches of space available”(JetBlue’s Bill of Rights Info). Along with the seating options,
JetBlue also operates with a fleet of newer jets, as compared to some of the other budget airlines.

Now, the weaknesses of JetBlue happen to be first of all, that they continue to expand, however, at a slow rate. They currently only offer flights to 61 cities in the US and to a few other countries, with their home base airport, JFK, having the highest congestion in the country. Plans for global expansion are also on the drawing board, however, this is also happening at a slow pace. In order for the airline to remain competitive, they must expand their horizons and soon.

Another issue which came up recently and happened to be a weakness, is that
JetBlue received some negative press. “What had happened was that in May of
2010, one of their pilots threatened to harm himself a few hours before takeoff.
Also, in August of 2010, one of

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