Jewish And Syrian Refugees

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Imagine yourself one day living your normal life with your family or friends. Then next thing you know, you're fleeing your country with great terror facing dangerous encounters all to try and find a safe place.
Although Jewish and Syrian refugees have the historical background known as one of the worst events to happen in common, they differ when it comes to the reasons why they fled to find refuge elsewhere. These differences show us that people have to run away due to vulnerability.

First, Jewish and Syrians refugees tried finding a safe place. Jewish refugees tried finding a safe place due to the extreme physical violence of anti-Semitism caused by Adolf Hitler and his collaborators that commenced in 1933 to 1945. The rights of the Jews were being deprived, discrimination against them, Nazis attacking the Jews in their homes, on the streets and destroying thousands of Jewish-owned buildings. The Syrian refugees tried finding a safe place to take refuge after a conflict between the long-serving government of Syria and the Syrian people. The people of Syria were angry towards the government because of its …show more content…

This is the reason why Jewish and Syrian refugees tried finding a safe place.

Next, Jewish and Syrian refugees both fled away by boat to seek refuge in other countries. The Jewish refugees fled away from Europe on a luxurious ship called The Saint Louis on May 13, 1939, in which many of the refugees were fleeing from Nazi persecution hoping to reach Havana, Cuba for safety. Each of the passengers carried a visa for temporary entry to Cuba and hoped to then travel to the US. However, during the two-week voyage, the

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