Jewish Non Profit Organizations : Amir, Hazon And My Jewish Learning Experience

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This paper will discuss three Jewish non-profit Organizations: Amir, Hazon and My Jewish Learning Experience, and their fundamentals, procedures, and goals. These nonprofits have one essential aspect in common; they all fall under the category of Slingshot Organizations. Slingshot, which originated in 2004, grew out of the Jewish community 's desire to better understand the Jewish organizations in existence. With help from the Bronfman family and staff, Slingshot is a resource guide to Jewish Innovation. It consisted of a list of the 50 most cutting-edge Jewish nonprofits in North America. Every year Slingshot chooses another 50 Jewish organizations, and there is no limit to how many times an organization can be mentioned. The question I have for Slingshot is why choose 50 organizations to target why not 100 or 25? The Slingshot Fund was officially founded in 2007, and targeted organizations that worked with the next generation. It taught the funders how to manage a non-profit by reviewing grant proposals, and learning how to best allocate funds. Slingshot 's mission statement is to build improvement among the Jewish community by creating next-generation funders, and allocating resources in order to strengthen their influence on Jewish life. In order to fulfill this mission, they carry out, facilitate, and manage programs in order to build and improve upon three significant activities. Slingshot is not only a source of funding, but also a powerful leader and voice
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