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COMPANY NAME/ WEBSITE/ ADDRESS United Way, formerly known as United Way of America, and also linked to United Way Worldwide). BACKGROUN/ HISTORY The year of 1887 marked the beginning of United Way, which originated as Denver’s Charity Organization Society and expanded over 1,000 Community Chests in the late 1940’s (Dess, Lumpkin, Eisner, & McNamara, 2012, p. C19). Then in 1974 their campaign, in America and Canada, exceedigngly raised over $1 billion dollars; thus, causing for the creation of the United Way International so that many countries around the world may have the ability to construct similar organizations that will benefit their nations (Dess, et al., 2012, C19). United Way’s business consist of attracting large companies and…show more content…
SWOT ANALYSIS Internal Strengths • Is capable of financially assisting their goals by attracting corporations and donors in the top percent of the economy such as UPS, Microsoft, and NFL. • 70% of the money contributed to United Way comes from donations from the local businesses of their employees. • Attract volunteers and employees who hold a passion to improve worldwide living conditions in communities. Internal Weaknesses • Resources are shared among the United Way chapters, meaning that they soon become limited. • Their vastly large working administration are scattered among the many locations, bending the ability to generate possible value. • Self-interested and ambitiously rational actors within United Way who use money for their personal luxury, rather than fulfilling the promise of global community improvement. • 2001-2006: UWW local associates faced terrible scandals due to corrupt CEO’s and employees who used hundreds of thousands of dollars, which were donated to this charity organization, for their personal use and luxury. Resulting, in mistrust of administrators and workforce of this organization by the public

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