Jim Crow Laws In The 1950's

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Jim crow laws were created in the 1950´s when segregation became big. It was a law stating blacks could not go in the same places that whites did. It stated they could not eat,sleep and drink at the same places as white people. They were created to separate black and white people from even the slightest bit of contact. People though god put blacks on this earth to work like animals. They created a ¨Prison¨ for the blacks because they couldńt do a lot of stuff. They had restrictions for what they could work at, it was put up as a ¨Racial Barrier¨. The blacks were restricted.The KKK was formed in the 1860´s. It was formed as a social club of retired veterans.A group of considered confederate veterans made a group called the KKK. They were a worldwide
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