Joan's Visionss : The Visions Of Joan Of Arc

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Joan’s visions, around May 1428, started to instruct her to go Vaucouleurs and contact a supporter of Charles named Robert de Baudricourt When Baudricourt first heard Joan’s request to speak with him he refused; however, Baudricourt sent her an escort of soldiers and a horse once he saw Joan gaining the support of the villagers (“Joan of Arc” 1). Charles was still not convinced fully by the poor peasant girl until she revealed the solemn prayer Charles made to God to save France. Charles still hesitant of the poor farmer had her examined by clergyman. The clergymen found no fault in her only humility, purity, and piety (“Joan of Arc” 1).
Joan of Arc asked the dauphin permission to accompany the French to Orléans, the site where the English were sieging (“Joan of Arc (1412-1431)” 1). In February 1429, Joan convinced Charles, the dauphin, to allow her to accompany the French army to Orléans (Spielvogel 310-311). Once Joan arrived in Orléans the French armies found new confidence in themselves, apparently they were inspired by the peasant girl’s strong faith (Spielvogel 311). In just nine days Joan helped liberate Orléans from the English (“Joan of Arc (1412-1431” 1). The French armies liberated Orléans, which changed the whole course of the Hundred Years’ War (Spielvogel 311). Joan was rewarded and became co-command of an army which she used to defeat the English at the Battle of Patay (“Joan of Arc (1412-1431)” 1). The entire Loire valley had been freed of the English within
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