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I have checked your CV in detail.

Let me guide you a little about myself, my name is Sergey Mikaelian and I am from st. Petersburg Russia. These days we are working with Pakistan on many projects. Unfortunately right now I am unable to disclose our projects details to you as you can understand the privacy maters etc …

As you know when any project get started, there are many things to do on the paper. Normally it is called project management that will be your actual work just to make business on the paper, confused ….! ? Let me clear your mind first

We need people, not only having good writing skills but also possess great vision, unique/up to dated ideas. We will give you work load according to your capacity so you need not to worry about that , oooh I can’t do this , this is not my field, going out of it etc . In your interview we will ask your favorite areas of work so you can prove your ability in the right direction.

Below I am giving working areas of your job and you can consider any of them as per your interest.

Note. Make sure that all the data provided to us from your end should be unique and must be in your own language, not copied from any website or etc. In short no plagiarism, for your support initially we will teach you how to write with some great tips

· Company profile

· Vision statement

· Mission statement

· Articles writing

· Explain about a country in the given aspects


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