Jody Jarrett. District Strategic Diversity Plan. Arkansas

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Jody Jarrett District Strategic Diversity Plan Arkansas State University ELAD 7073: Spring 2017 2/22/17 Dear Parents, Students, Staff, and Stakeholders, This document is the Strategic Diversity Plan for the Houston R-I School District. This plan is a 5-year plan designed to help our school district meet the diverse needs of all students. It is our goal to have a school district that is embracive, supportive, and respectful of individual differences. The Houston R-I School District is focused on and committed to providing opportunities for our school and community to work together to develop a pluralistic relationship that supports all students socially, emotionally, and academically. We will strive to be a school …show more content…

Table 1: student demographic information for the Houston R-I School District. Table 1 Asian Black Hispanic Indian Multi-race Pacific Islander White Students 0 3 13 0 14 0 1070 Where do we need to be in the future? We need to be a school district that prepares all students to be productive members of society. We need to expose our students to the real world and help them see that the world is bigger than our very small community. We need to ensure that all students have the opportunity to succeed and reach their goals. We need be a school with a pluralistic culture. Our students need to be culturally competent and have a good understanding of diversity. We need to promote the acceptance and celebration of people from all walks of life. We need to develop a supportive atmosphere where students feel they can express their beliefs freely without prejudice or judgment. The Houston R-I School District needs to focus on teacher quality. We need to be actively pursuing teachers with diverse backgrounds that can contribute to our goal of becoming a school with a pluralistic mindset. It is important that we look outside of our community for potential employees that can bring a unique and diverse perspective to our school. How do we get there? We have to provide multiple opportunities for students to grow and learn. We need to be a culturally diverse school district that accepts everyone and encourages a pluralistic culture. We need to work together with our

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