Joey Is A Twelfth Grade Student

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Joey is a 3rd grade student. Joey is my one and only student who loudly talks out of turn and off topic constantly. His behavior disrupts my classroom often; whether we do a subject he enjoys such as Art. He starts off discussing art he does at home on his spare time. Also, when another student is talking about the same subject, Joey interrupts and speaks about what his weekend plans are. An antecedent for Joey’s behavior is when I as a question in class, he answers the question by shouting his answer without raising his hand and interrupts another student. As they try to answer the question. After Joey shouting his answer, I walk back to his desk and verbally reprimand him about his consequence. His consequence after every disruption will be staying in during recess and talking about his behavior. After so many times staying during recess, I will be sending a note to his parents explaining to them what goes on during class. If needed I would set up a parent/teacher conference, as well with Joey. An instructional intervention that could better Joey’s behavior would be to use a sticker system. I agree with Gongola (2010), I would need to monitor Joey’s behavior and progress. If his behavior changes for the worse, I would increase the criteria before giving him incentives. I would put a chart on the corner of his desk with it labeled “Great Behavior.” Before the day ends, we would quickly conference on how his day went. Depending if he raised his hand, spoke not so loud the

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