Johann Van Beethoven And The Greatest Composer Of All Time

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Ludwig Van Beethoven lived a very complex life. When Beethoven was a young boy he suffered the abuse of his alcoholic father. He later lost who he thought to be “the only one who ever loved him”, along with his hearing which due to his passion for music made him feel less important. Beethoven went through struggle after struggle making a name for himself. But despite all of the heartache and despair in his life his music overcame it all. Beethoven used his musical abilities to overcome his sadness and unknowingly helping others overcome theirs as well.

Composer and pianist Ludwig Van Beethoven, widely considered as the greatest composer of all time was born around December 16, 1770 ( nobody knows for sure) in the city of Bonn, Germany. Beethoven had two younger brothers Caspar, who was born in 1774, and Johann, in 1776. Both of them surviving into adulthood. Johann van Beethoven, Ludwig’s father, was known more for his severe alcoholism than he was for his musical abilities. However, Beethoven 's grandfather, Kapellmeister Ludwig van Beethoven, was very well known in Bonn for his musical talents. Beethoven had him as a role model and for assistance in his music. Unfortunately Beethoven 's father began teaching him music instead, but not in the most gentle manner.

Beethoven had neighbors who admitted to hearing the cries of the small boy weeping while he played his music, while his father would…
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