Johann Van Beethoven And The Greatest Composer Of All Time

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Autumn Markley

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Ludwig Van Beethoven lived a very complex life. When Beethoven was a young boy he suffered the abuse of his alcoholic father. He later lost who he thought to be “the only one who ever loved him”, along with his hearing which due to his passion for music made him feel less important. Beethoven went through struggle after struggle making a name for himself. But despite all of the heartache and despair in his life his music overcame it all. Beethoven used his musical abilities to overcome his sadness and unknowingly helping others overcome theirs as well.

Composer and pianist Ludwig Van Beethoven, widely considered as the greatest composer of all time was born around
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Young Beethoven was repeatedly hit by his father and locked in the cellar to practice his music. His father made him practice for hours causing sleep deprivation. Being so young the father’s abuse caused long term problems in Beethoven 's life. He studied the violin and clavier with his father while also taking lessons from organists around town on the side. Beethoven was a extremely talented musician which was made apparent even when he was a young child. Whether this was due to natural talent or his fathers persistent torment we will never know. However, Beethoven showed his skills in creativity and patience while he was very young, things that his father could not of really taught him.

The death of Beethoven’s mother caused him to fall into a deep depression. It was hard for him to lose who he considered to be "the only one who ever loved him". Beethoven 's mother helped lessen the abuse inflicted by his drunken father when Beethoven was a child, and for that Beethoven was very thankful. When Beethoven was older his talent was discovered and he left his home to go to Vienna and study with Haydn and ended up spending the rest of his life there. Beethoven secretly took lessons with other teachers and never told Haydn. One of Beethoven’s greatest abilities was how he could improvise parts of his music. The people of Vienna were amazed with his work. Unfortunately Beethoven began to get his first symptoms of
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