John Broadus Watson : The Son Of Emma And Pickens Watson

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John Broadus Watson was born near Greenville, South Carolina on January 9, 1878. He was the son of Emma and Pickens Watson. In the year 1891, John and the rest of his family was left behind by his father, complicating everything. Given the situations that his family was very poor, everything then became different for them. Since his father left his family, Watson held a long-life resentment towards him. He had hatred told his father for a long time for abandoning him. As a young child, John Broadus spent most of his childhood in poverty of rural South Carolina.At the early age of 16, Watson attended the Furman University, located in Greenvillage. Five years later, at the age of 21, he graduated with a basic introduction to psychology and a …show more content…

Its title was "Animal Education: An Experimental Study on the Psychical Development of the White Rat, Correlated with the Growth of its Nervous System”.
Watson’s Personal Life
John Watson married Mary Ickes in 1903, they had two children which they named Polly and John. Rosalie Rayner, the 21-year-old graduate student who assisted Watson with his Little Albert work. In the year 1920, Ickes filed for divorce since Watson had an affair with her. After their divorce was finally legal, John immediately married Rosaline and had two children: Billy and Jimmy. His marriage with his research assistance was the reason for his expulsion from John Hopkins. His wife Rosaline died in the year 1936, of some deadly disease, and that caused him to start drinking in an inconsiderate causing his family to break up. This made him break down, but he still continued his work. This showed me that nothing can stop his passion for career, and how strong he was when he lost the love of his life to a horrible illness.
Watson and Behaviorism?

As Watson concluded his research at Chicago, he published the article “Psychology as the Behaviorist Views It". This article was said to be the start of Watson and his behaviorism idea, and it clearly states his position regarding behaviorism. In his article, Watson outlined the most important features of the new philosophy of psychology he had developed: “behaviorism”.


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