John Holland And John Trim's Occupational Classification System

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Introduction Occupational classification systems are schemas for grouping jobs and job data. These systems serve three main functions. The first function is the collection of occupational statistics. Second, to analyze changes or patterns in the labor force and the third is for career exploration and planning ( This paper encompasses an occupational classification system fashioned by Reshanna Trim. In creating such a system, the author was inspired by the works of the National Occupational Classification, John Holland and Anne Roe’s classification system and as of such decided to reference and create her own classification system (Trim’s Occupational Classification System) using the works from the aforementioned theorist. This particular system was created to measure and evaluate personality traits and abilities in adolescents (12-18yrs) in Trinidad and Tobago and comprises of eight groupings. Upon proceeding, this paper seeks to discuss what a classification system is and its relevance. Rationale for Trim’s Occupational Classification System- Referencing from the National Occupational Classification, John Holland and Anne Roe’s system, Trim’s…show more content…
The responses to this test would be both objective and subjective. This instrument can be administered in schools as well as online, however, it has to be coupled with career counselling. Trim’s Occupational Classification System can be quite helpful in helping an adolescent map out his or her next step. It can be of great assistance in helping the adolescent choose CSEC subjects and also choosing Universities and what he is she should major in based on their projected career. This instrument seeks to be a guide for adolescents who are confused about their career path or those seeking
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