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Through the use of many cords and melodies John Mayer composed an impactful song to the world that would draw people in to listen and take action. “Waiting on the world to change” since it was released in 2006 still to this day is widely recognized for its deep message Mayer was trying to deliver out to people. Just like “Waiting on the world to change” Mayer has many songs on his album that was released in 2006 “Continuum” that would rise up in the charts and make him the known artist he is today. John Mayer as a child was always very involved with music learned how to play several instruments by the inspiration of others. Mayer loved music, especially blues as can be heard from all his songs in which they all share a melancholic tune.…show more content…
By doing so Mayer brings out people emotions through this song so they have some connection through the song and can relate with others through there sorrow and hurt.
All in all, Mayer wrote this song to motivate people stand up for what they believe in and not wait for others to take action. Still today his message through this song is so relevant with all the global issues we are experiencing today. Especially with the next presidential election coming up next year, if you want your voice to get heard go out and vote! John Mayer’s lyrics after hearing this song make me want to be an active part in my community and better the world around me as it should for others. With this being said don't sit around “waiting on the world to change” and be the change!

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