John Milton Sonnet

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The sonnet “When I Consider How My Light Is Spent” by John Milton was written between 1608-1674 in England. The English poet John Milton was a Puritan in England who eventually became completely blind. In the sonnet the first eight lines, or the octave, the tone is concerned, frustration, and desperate because his incapability of serving God successfully; while the last six lines, the sestet, switches to a resolved and hopeful tone. The theme of the sonnet is finding meaning in the world or in the sonnet “They also serve who only stand and wait” (14). In the sonnet Milton writes about his blindness and doesn’t understand how can use his talent of being a poet to serve God without his sight. In the octave of the sonnet, he begins by thinking about how his sight was spent before he went blind, also how half his life on earth he is in the dark. He wants to serve God as best he can but still can’t figure out how without his eyesight. He begins to question God as to whether God demands physical work when they don't have any light. Then in the sestet he is told that God is like a king and does not need anything from humans and has thousands of angels at his service. They move quickly over land and water, never resting. In the last line of the sonnet, he reflects that even with his disability he has a place in the world. This poem is written in Italian sonnet form. Which is divided up into two sections, octave, and sestet. The first section is about what the writer was thinking
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