John Wayne: A Great American Artist

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John Wayne: A Great American Artist John Wayne was a great American actor. Most people knew him as a very influential Western star and action hero. His long career began in many small productions that eventually led to star roles. Wayne continued to influence the field of entertainment when he decided to produce and direct a movie of his own. He starred in many controversial war films that would reenact the terror of war in the early 1900s. John Wayne is considered one of the country’s most famous actors. He became a very influential role model to men around the world. From acting to directing, John Wayne defined the American man and became a symbolic western hero. John Wayne was born in Winterset, Iowa on May 26, 1907 to Clyde and Mary Morrison. Besides football, while attending college, Wayne appeared as a film extra in Brown of Harvard and Drop Kick acting as a football player. This was the start of a long and successful career in the acting world for John. Wayne had a very dedicated work ethic which led him to be very successful and becoming a famous Western Star as well as a role model in the lives of Americans. He received his first lead role in The Big Trail, directed by Raoul Walsh in 1930. Although it was a box office dud, Wayne kept pursuing his career as an actor. During a span of about ten years, Wayne played in an abundance of western, B movies. Throughout this experimental period in his career, “Wayne started developing his man of action
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