John Wooden Essay On Leadership

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John Wooden is a very intelligent man and is truly a “philosopher-coach.” His philosophies go way deeper than just sports, they help you bring out the best in yourself. Reading Wooden has given me a better understanding on how to be a leader and how to be successful. A few topics he went over really broke through and made an impact on me. My favorite topics are mentors, doing the little things, and failure. All of these topics are essential for a leader and are keys to being successful.
I’m going to start off by talking about mentors. He talks about how your family has a huge impact on who you are and how you will act. If you start to portray your mentors then you will start to portray your family. I know this isn’t true with every …show more content…

Failure is going to happen to you at some point in your life no matter what. The way you handle failure is a huge way to determine if you are a leader or not. If you let failure change you into a less confident person that means failure beat you. You have to take failure as advice and use it to overcome new obstacles you will face later in life. Many leaders say that failure is bound to happen and the way you handle it shows a lot about your personality. “Failure to change is often just stubbornness that comes from an unwillingness to learn, an inability to realize that you're not perfect. There cannot be progress without change---even though all change is progress” (Wooden pg.96). Failure is a powerful tool that you can either use towards your advantage or let it bring you down.
Wooden is a very intelligent man and everybody should learn about his philosophies. In his book he talks about a lot of important topics, but the topics I chose stood out to me the most. He breaks down many topics that are essential to success. Wooden tells you his ideas and he also gives examples on how they have worked for him so we know that he isn’t just telling us a bunch of lies. Almost everything Wooden says will be agreeable to most people, but you have probably not thought of the ideas the way he thinks of them. I would recommend Wooden to

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