Jollibee Food Corporation

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Jollibee Foods Corporation Charles A. Rarick, Ph.D. Gideon Falk, Ph.D Casimir Barczyk, Ph.D. Purdue University Calumet CASE SYNOPSIS The Pilipino Company, Jollibee, is imitating McDonald’s in some ways but has its own twist on offering unique products that emphasize local spices and local taste preferences. This fast growing restaurant chain has benefited from the increased demand for fast food in East Asia and has developed a unique business strategy. This case examines Jollibee’s success and how the company is successfully competing with McDonald’s. With its rapid growth, the company is now ready to expand to the rest of the world. INTRODUCTION Jollibee Foods Corporation, known distinctively by its red and yellow bumble…show more content…
Much of this diversification has come in recent years. While mostly known for its Jollibee hamburger franchise, the company has ventured into many additional fast food areas, significantly expanding its number of outlets and geographical coverage. The mission of Jollibee Foods is simple: To serve great tasting food, bringing the joy of eating to everyone. Jollibee has a vision statement that expresses not only its values, but also its aspirations. VISION We are the best QSR... The most endearing brand ... that has ever been ... We will lead in product taste at all times ... We will provide FSC excellence in every encounter Happiness in every moment ... By year 2020, with over 4,000 stores worldwide, Jollibee is truly a GLOBAL BRAND Jollibee makes itself well-known in the Philippines through extensive advertising, hiring of celebrity endorsers with wholesome images, and engagement in charitable works. STRATEGIC BUSINESS UNITS AND EXPANSION Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC) consists of a number of SBUs that cut across different food groups. Its system-wide retail sales for 2010 were 70.3 billion PHP ($1.6 billion USD), representing a 10.2% increase over 2009. Net income was 3.1 billion PHP ($70.6 million USD), which grew by 16.3% over 2009 income. At the core of JFC is Jollibee, the
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