Jonah Hagan's Musical Aida '

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This year’s musical “Aida”, hosted in St. Mary’s will be organized by director Jonah Hagans, and second in command Ms. Stenson. Jonah Hagans is the drama teacher from ISSH and has organized many plays such as and has won awards. Alongside Mr. Hangans, Ms. Stenson from St. Mary’s will most likely be in charge of the music. As, St. Mary’s students we are well aware of her performance, and looking at our past musicals she has showed us an outstanding performance. It is right to say that we have the musical in the right hands and its performance will definitely be outstanding.

“Aida” is about the Nubian princess Aida who becomes romantically entangled with the enemy Egyptian Captain Radames, and how their love is forever forbidden. The story

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