Jonathan Swift Passage Analysis

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Swift illustrates lawyers as being stupid, hated, and lairs. His master is in disbelief that anyone with reason could have such qualities. Swift depicts people of authority as being corrupted, evil, and foolish. I believe these passages serve to mock the way Swift's society is governed. The Houyhnhnm society resembles a Utopia. Their society seems superior, because it is intellectual, lacks crime, and values hospitality. The Houyhnhnm race is critical, racist, and egoistic. They rank themselves on outwards appearances and learning ability. I believe the lower-ranking Houyhnhnm are intellectually inferior, because from birth they are taunt to be so. The whole race believe themselves to be high-up then the other island inhabits, Yahoos. I would not want to be a part of their society, because individualism is not achievable or encouraged. …show more content…

They are violent, destructive, and uncivilized. They represent the worst qualities of humanity. The Houyhnhnm's believe it is their right to reign over them. The Yahoos, outwardly, resemble unclean humans. They share common instincts with humans, but they are not on the same intellectual

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