Joseph Stalin : A Leader Of The Soviet Union

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Sonny Lee
S. Martinez
English IV 4th Hour
April 1, 2016 Joseph Stalin
From the start of World War II in 1939, until the year of 1953, Joseph Stalin was the leader of the Soviet Union. Hitler, who was a ruthless leader of Nazi Germany from 1934-1945. He initiated WWII and oversaw fascist policies that resulted in millions of deaths ( Adolf Hitler Biography 2016). Stalin and Hitler were the two brutal leaders during this time period and the both of them took many lives and caused fear all across the nation. Joseph Stalin’s ruthless leadership defeated Natzism in Russia, but it created a brutal climate that increased the stronghold communism in the USSR and increased fear across the world. Stalin was the only child to survive out of four children, which made him prone to illness because he was born sick, this made his mother very protective over him.As a child Stalin was physically abused by his father, Vissarion, who was a drunk. This made him feel like he did not have anyone in his life. Joseph recalls getting mad at his father and throwing a knife at him almost killing him(Prominent Russia:Joseph Stalin 2005-2011) . While Stalin was attending school he began to read to read the work of German social philosopher and “communist Manifesto” which he then became interested in the revolutionary movement against Russian monarchy(Joseph Stalin 2009). As a teen Stalin received a scholarship to attend seminary school in the nearby city and study for priesthood in the Georgian
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