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Judgment Paper To be a leader, one must have many qualities. Most people believe that leaders have qualities that determine if they are a good or bad leader, such as being smart, punctual, sociable, and charismatic. These traits are all very important to a leader, but the novel, Judgment, by Noel M. Tichy and Warren G. Bennis explain that the most important quality to a leader is their ability to make good decisions. Tichy and Bennis write Judgment to clarify what is really important in a leader and what leadership really means. Judgment is extremely important in a leader. Tichy and Bennis make sure to emphasize that leaders MUST make good judgment calls because in business, the only thing that matters is the results, not the process. …show more content…

Tichy and Bennis explain that there are three different domains that leaders must essentially make decisions on. The first and most important domain is people judgment calls. It is the most important because it has the most potential of being fatal if a wrong judgment call is made. Also, if the wrong people are chosen for a team, then there is a high possibility for the strategy not to be executed and for crises to be handled poorly. So, the first and foremost actions that need to be done are to figure out who should and should not be on the team. A good leader needs to know how to choose team members because they are responsible in “recognize[ing] the need, fram[ing] the issue, and mobiliz[ing] and align[ing] the parties who can provide the information and advice needed to make a good call” (Tichy and Bennis 88). This is extremely difficult because the leader must evaluate each person based on what they know. Also, people are not objects and so a leader may become attached and that will impair the leader’s judgment and will lead to failure.

A good scenario for people judgment calls would be A. G. Lafley who worked for P&G. Lafley came into P&G with a plan. He wanted to make sure the company changed for the better. But to make this change, he did what I believe is one of the hardest aspects of the people judgment calls. He had more than half of the top thirty executives leave or do another project because they were not as good as they

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