Julius Caesar : A Great Leader

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As I awoke to the morning sun, the children of Gaul, Rome were getting ready and heading off to school. I have found a book on my way to church that someone had started to write down what was going on in our town. I’ve decided to take over the role of this journal. One may call me a friend, a father, and a brother. Today we embark on a journey in my village where Julius Caesar is fighting to take over Gaul and also to be king. Caesar had spent his days campaigning in Rome, he had all the credentials to be king the only thing that was missing was the actual title of being named king. As I walk the streets in Gaul, I can see the army of Caesar appearing more and more, he is a great military leader and is taking over Gaul more each day that…show more content…
Caesar is looking to take over Pompey the Great who used to be an old friend of Caesar. He was coming up with all the plans and details with his army to invade Italy. I just went about my day taking care of my children with my beautiful wife, going to church. I was lucky enough not to have to be in the army of Caesar, because I was elder than most. Caesar was not able to attack Italy because Pompey had a fleet and Caesar did not so he decided to go after Spain instead. The days have gone by and Caesar has not returned, the people of our village are starting to wonder what happened to our leader. Much time has now passed and Caesar has returned! The people and myself are excited to have our leader is back! We have found out that he was successful in Spain, he later had gone to Macedonia, but he could not defeat Pompey at Dyrrhachium. Caesar made a quick decision to go into central Greece and then he finally defeated Pompey! Pompey tried to pursue Caesar at the Battle of Pharsalus, but our great Caesar came out victorious! I am so proud of my leader! As I watched the days go by and see my people wandering the village, I see a sense of calm over them now that we have gained more land. Caesar is making great strides all over the Mediterranean! Caesar had met a girl named Cleopatra, because of her he did not want to take over Egypt. Cleopatra became his mistress! The towns people and his friends
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