Julius Caesar Character Analysis

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For anyone that has found their way to Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, they know it is pretty easy to get caught up in a range of different emotions, ranging from anger, all the way to revengeful. At times, I found myself cringing at only the thought of some of these characters, and with others, I found myself secretly rooting for them. Through these emotions, we tend to develop certain feelings towards the different characters, whether it be a certain liking or disliking towards them. Personally, I had quite the difficulty depicting from who I thought deserved to be titled as the best and who deserved to be labeled unhonorable. Though through looking over and analyzing this play, I have found my reasonings as to who reins my favorite and who stands on the opposing side.

From the very start of this play, I had developed a liking for Mark Antony. Maybe I had developed this liking because Antony was said to be a loyal servant to Caesar. It also might have been the fact that through his actions, he helped Caesar to be where he was, which was in a very high place of the public. Antony stood by Caesar’s side during any hardship that he faced, and I find that to be a highly respectable trait in a person. From the moment the play had began, Not only was Antony a great servant to Caesar, but he was a fantastic friend to him as well. In fact, even after Caesar had died, Antony still proved his loyalty towards Caesar, going all the way into defeating the entire conspiracy with Caesar’s

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