Julius Caesar Death Analysis

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Death is something that nearly everyone has experienced in some form or another, and it’s normally regarded as a dreary and depressing topic; one that should be avoided and tucked away in favor of more lighthearted ones. When the final curtain draws on an individual’s life, sorrow and depression in the deceased’s loved ones often follows. Many poets, playwrights, and artists have delved into the concept of death and tried to interpret it in various ways, attempting to translate its poignancy into a tangible form. One individual who explored death and its effects on the living in the form of art is the renowned playwright William Shakespeare; perhaps the most obvious example of a play of his that dabbles in the subject is Romeo and Juliet, a romantic tragedy which is filled to the brim with macabre ways to die, as well as how each death affects the other characters. Another example of Shakespearean death is in Julius Caesar, where the fall of one man, Caesar, causes a great nation to tumble into ruin. Death is a powerful force that controls many aspects of the lives of humans, regardless of how much they try and suppress it; its inevitability is one of the few elements of life that mankind simply cannot control.

In the aforementioned Julius Caesar, one character in particular seems to deal with the omnipresence of death time and time again throughout the play; Marcus Brutus. As a perpetrator of one of the most famous assassinations in human history, Brutus intentionally
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