Julius Caesar Decision

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I am Julius Caesar, and I am part of the play Julius Caesar written by William Shakespeare. I am the dictator of the corrupt Roman Republic at the age of 55 in the year of 44 B.C. In this monologue, I have found myself in front of several senators of the Roman Republic. Preceding my monologue, I had banished Publius Cimber from the Roman Republic. As it turns out, his brother Metellus Cimber, one of the senators of the Republic, is on his knees beseeching for me to repeal my decision. Despite his implore, I state in my monologue that my decision will not change. Also, in addition to Senator Metellus Cimber other senators have come all around me, to see if my decision might repeal. To add on to the situation, all the senators…show more content…
Preceding this monologue, I had received advice to not go into the senate, but I refused to listen and became king. Based on previous accounts, in this monologue, it is quite predictable that I would stay constant with my decision on Publius Cimber despite advice from others. My emotions at the beginning of my speech are that I am frustrated, angry, as well as confident that my decision will not change. Although I am confident, I am angry and annoyed at the senators for they do not understand that I have made my decision and will not change it. As a result of this speech, I want the senators to understand that I will not change my opinion on the banishment of Publius Cimber. Additionally, by the end of this, the senators should never come to me again mentioning Publius Cimber and his return to the Roman Republic. My monologue helps contribute to the confidence in my decision as I compare myself to the North Star as the North Star is the only star that does not change position. Also In my monologue, I say “unshaken of motion; and that I am he.” This explains that I am not influenced by outsiders showing how once I make up my mind I will not be influenced to change it. Finally, In lines 72 - 76, I describe how I know someone that “holds his rank” and “holds his place.” This person is myself, which helps elaborate on the idea that I will not change my mind and the senators should just let
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