Junk Food Pros And Cons Essay

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It has to be said that there really are very little pros if any in respect of any person particularly that of an athlete who eats junk food on a regular basis although it also comes down to defining junk foods, as some are far worse than others. However, and whilst I find it a little difficult to make an argument in respect of pro’s and con’s of junk food, if there must be a list of any pros then any calories including those of little nutritional value are most certainly better than no calories. Fast / Junk food perhaps also cuts down on preparation time and of course in many cases can be a lot cheaper. For me this is a relatively poor argument for any serious athlete to come forward with if they have serious aspirations to perform to their very best in training and competition. With regards to the negatives of a diet made up of wasted calories, the athlete really needs to consider the effect this has on performance whilst also trying to meet all essential nutrients by way of ensuring that the calories consumed contain the right proportion of carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins and minerals and of course fibre. Junk/fast foods are very low in nutritional value and contain far too much saturated fat, sugar, salt and chemicals which …show more content…

Carbohydrate intake should consist mainly of that considered as complex sugars as opposed to simple sugars. A diet containing the correct amount of complex carbohydrates will ensure that the liver and muscle glycogen levels are always topped up. Failure to do this can lead to fatigue, dizziness, weakness and poor performance and poor recovery from training. Ketosis can also occur if the glycogen levels drop to very low levels and the body then becomes reliant upon stored body fat for energy whereby there is a build up of acids in the body called

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