Junk Food Should Not Be Banned In Schools

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Imagine armed low fat yogurt, granola bars, and trail mixed filled vending machines attacking schools nationwide to combat against child obesity. Odd, right? Forcing students to narrow down their choices of snacks because the government says so. It is important for young students to be able to learn how to make decisions because it is during this phase were the choices they make began having a long term effect on them later on. If students food choices are being made for them by the government, how can young adolescents be trusted with mature activities such as driving a vehicle? Young students are trusted with cars to begin learning the ropes and hopefully become better drivers and make better choices. Junk food should not be banned in schools because students are subject to making their own decisions, school vending machines are not the main source of child obesity, and there are larger issues than vending machines against child obesity. Throughout the day students are making series of choices in class. Then, during their only break received during school hours the are forced between the food choices available. According to Jacobs and Carson-Dewitt, “One might have thought that choosing what to eat or drink should be an individual decision. Can one learn to make healthy choices if there are no choices, no alternative” (4). The choice a student makes is based on their own judgement, banning junk food inhibits students from learning how their present choices can affect
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