Just As A Prior-Detailed House Plan Is The Only Medium,

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Just as a prior-detailed house plan is the only medium, which facilitates ‘the realization or measurement of whatever rate of progress is achieved or not achieved’ in the coarse of the houses construction. So is every person 's prior-projected daily life faith walk and one’s respective relating to God, also the only medium. Which facilitates ‘the realization or measurement of whatever progress’ the person achieves or does not achieve, in the coarse of one 's daily life faith walk and respective relating to God.

Even in ordinary daily life commitments undertaken by any ordinary person, what facilitates the realization or measurement ‘of whatever rate of progress in accomplishing or not accomplishing’ the embarked upon commitments, is only …show more content…

That Jesus Christ commissioned His Matthew 16 verse 13-19 or 28 verses 18-20 church, to undertake His demonstrated earthly life work, of discipling and commissioning or training all willing people worldwide. Despite this Jesus Christ demonstrated discipling and commissioning’s increasing and multiplying the ruling fulfilment, of each discipled person’s Genesis 1 verses 26-28 created ‘in image and likeness of God’s boundlessly overcoming’ power and wisdom. Not much discipleship let alone commissioning of increasing people worldwide, appears to being seriously undertaken by most worldwide professing Christian Faith Churches. The longstanding and now common worldwide famine ‘of desperately sought’ daily life prayer answers, together with the also now rampant substitution of God 's answer seeking prayers ‘with ritual weekly church program’ attendances. All speak volumes of how far most worldwide professing Christian Faith Churches, have strayed from their only Jesus Christ commissioned business, of discipling and commissioning increasing people worldwide. It has consequently become a virtually acceptable norm within most professing Christian Faith Churches, for their respective Christian Faith Converts to pray

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