Letter From Birmingham Jail Analysis

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What do you think the author’s thesis, or main argument is, and why? Be sure to put his thesis in your own words. A letter from Birmingham Jail is a letter from Martin Luther King Jr. to the people who are the leaders of religion or people who perform religious services. This is his response to them who are against his actions. He indicate all his reasonings to this letter to explain, comment and justify his answers in response of why is he doing a nonviolent direct action. King Jr. have a desire to change the government laws, policies, etc. to get the freedom for his fellow negro people who had been suffering for 340 years of very violent and cruel treatment of white people. He is aiming for a fair treatment and freedom for the blacks. He does not agree on how the government don’t give the black people the equal right to vote, go to normal places, and get treated properly by white people. Also, he do not agree for the black women to not have the respect by considering them as “Mrs.”, for black children to not be able to go places because of their color, and for blacks who gets humiliated and get treated like nobody because they are black. He does not like the idea of keeping people with color separate from one another. This is just one country, and I think that people should be considered as one and have a unity from one another. 2. What writing strategy does the author use that you think is effective, and why? For example, does he use examples, or does he make

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