Juvenile Delinquency And Its Effects On The Outside World

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Juvenile Delinquency In my paper i will be discussing juvenile delinquency in a whole. We will look at it from the perspective of the rehabilitation and how it affects the outside world, to the juvenile that is the delinquent. The main topics of my paper will be rehabilitation vs punishment, the risk factors that cause the deviant behavior, and finally the traits of a juvenile offender. There is multiple risk factors that develop into the cause of juvenile delinquency. They have 4 major categories that go from individual, school and community, peer, and finally family(Siegel, Year, pg.52). Each factor is intertwined with each other like a chain linked fence. Also, each factor has its own sub factors that can be used more than once. It …show more content…

Say he/she was born to a poor family with high crime activity. The only thing that this kid will know is gangs, violence, crimes. However, he wouldn 't be exposed to proper schooling because in this area the education is poor. Now with the peer part its very simple. This child we created will associate himself with the outcast type of kids. The delinquent ones that nobody messed with on the playground. He would feel apart of this group of kids because they probably have a similar life to him. Their home life is probably where all this behavior develops from. Family is a special topic when it comes to delinquency. To me it is the biggest factor that causes a child to be an delinquent.With regards to my own opinion, when it comes to raising your child you want whatever is best for them. If the child has a strong relationship with his parents i think delinquency would go down, and that goes for single parents or 2 parents. According to the study in the article Youth’s Characteristics and Background it shows that 46 percent of the children that committed juvenile acts were raised by two parents. However, explained it stated that “that both parents helped raise them, although this could have been in separate households”. This states that there is no significant difference between 2 parents and single parents. It only depends on the relationship and bond between each member.
After explaining about

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