Juvenile Offenders And The United States

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very state has its own Department of Corrections; this agency is responsible for the regulation and controlled of convicted prisoners. The Department of Corrections allows the safety of the community by performing safe and secure facilities which keeps the prisoners and offenders under control. In prison there are wide facilities are available for offenders and prisoners such as medical treatment, educational and vocational programs. These programs are there to help the offenders become better citizens. Corrections are providing the services to each state now for centuries. Every state has its own history of corrections, and every state is responsible for their department’s action and workers behavior. There are so many important rolls, regulation and lessons still need to be learned. Correction is not only for held the people behind the bars; it gives prisoners to reform and rearrange their lives in order. Probation has become more affective in United States compare to past decades. With prisons flowing full of criminals, alternative sentencing has been the top choice when dealing with adult violent offenders. Slowly Probation population has become larger almost the size of prison population. Probation officers have to deal with offenders, criminals under some type of supervisions like house arrests, electric monitoring and many more different things. In different States these enforcements will charge certain fines and fees for any extra services. Probation and Parole…
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