Kafka's Quotes In The Novel 'William Bradbury'

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Kafka’s Quote: I think this quote is very relevant to what I’ve experienced in English past years, because I was assigned to read an article once that explained why it was important to read books we hate. Some of their points were practical. If some literature is a lie, why read it? To make us think about the truth. I liken this unto books we hate. We read them to keep our beliefs and point of view strong. His quote says to read books that make an impact, not necessarily to like them. I agree with this.

Bradbury’s quote: This quote requires a lot of thinking of deeper meaning, so I’m not sure what I’m taking away from it is correct. What I think it’s saying is that good authors don’t write books just to write books- they find ways to convey feelings and “cure the midnight in our souls,” which I think means to cast away anything that is bad within ourselves. “Frightening myself so as to frighten others…” I think this part of the quote means that he had a lot of ideas that were only expressed through the art of literary fiction and they were big, deep ideas. The idea of some ideas is so deep that it’s hard to describe it in plain words, but perhaps better done as a story.

Okri’s quote: Stories have a lot of meaning in them. They use characters, plots, conflict, etc to convey the feelings that an author wants each reader to experience, even if the takeaway is different. Because of this, a story can change our view on things. I still look back to some of the deepest stories

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