Kaloona's Perfect Plan to Save her Planet

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A darkness. An absolute darkness accompanied with deathly silence. Just somewhere from a distance is heard a baby crying. Kaloona immediately knew, why the darkness clouded her planet. She went in tears to the balcony, looked up to the sky and quietly cried: “I failed. I could not protect Balathron-the light of life. Now our planet will die and all people with it. Mummy, please forgive me.” Kaloona felt hopelessly, but she knew, she must do something very quickly to save her planet and her nation. Suddenly was born a perfect plan in her mind. “General Tarkhan, can you come to my room, please?” she said with determination in her voice into the communication device. In a few minutes General knocked on her door. “Yes, her Majesty. I and all my soldiers are ready and waiting for your permission to find and eliminate enemies who stole Balathron and bring it back to Sorascant.” Kaloona looked at him and said: “No, General, it is my mission to protect people of Sorascant and not to send them to certain death. I will not allow women lost their husbands and children their fathers. I will go and find them. Do not try to stop me, I have already decided. As Guardian of Balathron is my duty to protect the light and whereas was stolen, it is my duty to return it where it belongs. All I need from you is to find mage Romerithan and bring him to me as soon as possible. And also target a spacecraft of Admiral Ballisian and inform me about his every move. Thank you. Now you can

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