Karl Marx Alienation Essay

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Marx begins by explaining that in a capitalist society there are two classes, the property owners those who own the lands and the private properties and then there are the propertyless workers who are the ones that work for the property owners. Within the capitalist society that Marx describes there is the money system that is known to Marx as the political economy. Marx disagrees with the political economy because he expresses that it brings competition. Competition in a capitalist society creates jobs for people however, in attempting to come up with the best products workers are being exploited at work. Marx expresses four different aspects in which workers are being alienated from their labor. Once the workers start working on the product regardless of how much time and dedication the worker invested in the product he will be alienated from his own product. When the product is complete he will continue to make as many more objects as he is told too without …show more content…

The worker may start to feel as if the object has taken over his life. Marx states that since the worker has dedicated so much of his time to the product it's as if their life no longer belongs to them but to the object that he has dedicated all his time too. Lastly, Marx compares species man and animal. Man has a natural instinct to create more universally when something is needed and when it's not, unlike animals they only produce things for themselves. However, animals are different they only produce what they are in need of immediately whether it be a shelter or food they produce instantly. Man is more aware of reality and the things that have been built and builds things to recognize it (151). Animals don’t build objects to admire them they build things out of necessity in order to survive. Animals look out for themselves but man build things for the wellbeing of everyone and everything such as

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