Karl Marx : Is Alienation A Systematic Result Of Capitalism?

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Karl Marx: Is Alienation a Systematic Result of Capitalism? Name: The Marx’s theory of alienation was based on antagonism that things that are related together and are in harmony as well as social separation of man from aspect of man’s nature. One can only be left to ponder if alienation is a systematic result of capitalism. Predominance of private ownership of means of production and exploitation of wage labor all characterize alienation, therefore, alienation is the culmination of capitalism. According to Karl Marx, alienation is the transformation of individual`s own labor into a power that rules by supra-human laws. In his theory he believed that alienation brought distinction of substances that were harmoniously put together. It brought social divisions of people from the aspect of their “human nature’’ which referred to the range of behavior shared by all human beings. Under capitalism, origin of alienation is commodity fetishism. Marx highlights four calibers of alienation in labor. The worker was alienated from the work he produced. The manner in which something was produced was not by its actual producer nor by its consumers but by capitalist class. It is the capitalist class who appropriated labor and endeavored to determine consumer’s taste for him to maximize profits. The second form of alienation was alienating the worker from working. The worker was also alienated from himself as the key producer or from his “species being”. The worker is estranged
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