Karl Marx, Commodity Fetishism, An Objective, Valuable For People Things

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To begin with I can’t but mention that without assessing(considering, evaluating) Commodity Fetishism both from the points of view of the philosophers of the past and economists and businessmen of the present it’s not an easy task to investigate the subject.
According to Karl Marx “Commodity Fetishism is the perception of the social relationships involved in production as economic relationships among the money and commodities exchanged in market trade”.
In simple words it’s the cult of the things selected and providing them with super valuation. Commodity Fetishism transforms abstract, subjective aspects of economic value into real, objective, valuable for people things.
Let me say a few words about the human nature. Each of us is material. We are sure we need more than we really need to survive. That’s probably, the main reason why socialism was unable to compete with capitalism, especially former Soviet republics closed for bright, new, modern or brand new trade marks. Big and small stuff becomes an integral part and an accompaniment(a supplement) to a personality.
Speaking about the effects of Commodity Fetishism I should emphasize that they are not confined to the sphere of production but permeate every sphere of social life. Social relationships become the property of things and the form of false consciousness concealing real conditions.
The global effect of commodity fetishism is that we have become the society of consumers. We have reached the freedom for but not

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