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XP 39802: Strategic Leadership
Booth School of Business
University of Chicago
Winter 2014
Professor Chris Rider
TA: Craig Tutterow (

This syllabus is required reading for this course.

To achieve individual and organizational performance objectives, executives must coordinate activities among employees, between groups, and across organizations. Often expected to meet these objectives, leaders are not always trained to do so. By focusing on both formal and informal aspects of organizations, this course prepares executives to lead organizations strategically by leveraging principles of evidence-based leadership and by managing networks of
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GRADING (continued)
Each graded course component will be normalized by the class mean on each component. The calculation is as below, where i represents the student’s score and m represents the class mean on that component. For example, if the average class participation grade is 11 out of 15 then a student that received a score of 14 receives a normalized score of 1.27 (=14/11); CPi = 14.0; CPm = 11.0. Each normalized component score will then be weighted by the percentages above to produce a Final
Grade Score using the formula below:
Final Grade Score = 0.40*(CPi / CPm) + 0.30*(APi / APm) + 0.30*(GAi / GAm)

There is no predetermined relationship between absolute numeric scores and letter grades.
Numeric final grades will be converted to letter grades by ranking all Final Grade scores and assigning letter grades according to Booth grading policy (e.g., a maximum GPA of 3.33).

To enable a complete understanding of the course content, clarification questions will be answered promptly and additional feedback will be provided upon request. Email is the preferred mode of communication. Absolutely no grade appeals will be considered.

You will work in the campus-specific groups assigned by the XP program office. These groups must deliver one graded group assignment but are also encouraged to prepare for course sessions together. More assignment details are offered later in this
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