Essay on Keeping or Guarding an Identity

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Developing an identity has been something of importance throughout history, today’s society, and literature. In many circumstances, being yourself is the best option; however, in other circumstances, changing your composition actually can be better. What’s important, though, is to first accept oneself as who one is, and then to evaluate oneself and make the changes necessary. As one will see, the different evaluations have resulted in vastly different individuals.
In the 20th Century, two very influential leaders became prominent in society: German Chancellor Adolf Hitler and civil rights activist Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. While both these individuals achieved great power, their evaluations of their self-identities couldn’t be more …show more content…

Obviously, Pecola is unhappy with her physical and emotional composition; therefore, she wants to find an out, per se, a new Pecola; one with blue eyes, a beautiful body, and many friends. In contrast, Pecola’s childhood friends, Frieda and Claudia, also aren’t blessed with the best living situation; however, unlike Pecola, they make the conscious decision to tightly grasp their roots and make the best of what they have. These juxtaposing decisions have juxtaposing consequences. Pecola’s life begins to disintegrate at the hands of her fallacious dream, and in doing so, Morrison clearly reiterates her argument that escaping one’s true identity rather than to embrace it ultimately leads to bitter consequences, yet Frieda and Claudia’s glass remains half full. One significant instance where senses of identity are exemplified occurs when Maureen walks into school with her light skin, wealth, and sense of self. Frieda and Claudia are not consumed by jealousy, while Pecola desires to be her mirror image, thereby demonstrating how jealousy is an undesired effect of a lack of self-identity. As a whole, Morrison’s employs juxtaposition.
Cases of escaping one’s identity also occur often in society. One newsworthy story associated with identity is gay athletes. I believe, as many others do, that several professional athletes are hiding their sexuality out of fear of not conforming to the norm. Are athletes sacrificing their happiness only to be accepted into the locker room?

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