Kemper Coal Power Project Analysis

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America is the land of the free and home of the brave. This country has prided itself in enduring through hard times and looking out for those who have given so much to bring this country to the status it has achieved today. Good values, honesty, hard work, moral and of course ethics would be what generations through those times of depression would say what has helped America get out of those dark times. In today’s America, corruption, greed, lies and broken promises are what seem to be in headlines on every major news network. Big companies openly flaunt unethical practices with little consequence other than mere slaps on the wrist. Shows’ such as America Greed has helped to bring to the light of day of the ugly face of corruption and manipulation of companies at their best. White collar professional’s pitch believable ideas, project and investment to sometimes ill-informed investors and consumers with the hope of making a reality idea come to life but sometimes these failures are hidden to …show more content…

This plant was to be the showcase blueprint for the decades old dream of clean coal. The Kemper Plant had not only high expectation of the project planners, but also of the people of Kemper County. Allegedly, Southern Company were told by their very own employees that the Kemper Plant Project would never be completed by the May 2014 deadline and company officials decided not to disclose these details to the investigating public in reports that were sent to the Securities and Exchange Commission. Many have pointed the blame to bad weather, rigged estimates and to contractors who caused repetitive delays. Even though certain risk are to be expected, I believe the planners, shareholders and residents of Kemper County never fathom a catalyst of this nature turning into logistical nightmare on many

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