Kevin J. Worthen Summary

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In his devotional on January 10, 2017, President of BYU Kevin J. Worthen discussed the idea of living in a “post-truth world.” He reflects on the misdirection of information on the internet, noting that there is an overabundance that leads to confusion amongst people. He says, “Many do not know how to determine the accuracy or the truthfulness of new information. Some deal with the matter by looking for reinforcement of their own preexisting, and sometimes ill-informed, notions… Others go to the opposite extreme, finding any piece of information that disrupts their prior views as sufficient reason to throw aside, without further inquiry, truths that have provided sure guidance to them and others in the past.” President Worthen comments address what has become known as fake news and the dangers of biased information. President Worthen later teaches how faith and study are connected in finding truth. He highlights on how faith is required due to the hope it provides in finding truth. Faith also gives an assurance that truth will be found after the hard work of seeking it out. In regards to study President Worthen says, “study is often a prerequisite for the revelatory experience that characterizes learning study is often a prerequisite for the revelatory experience that characterizes learning by faith.” He echoes the words of President Spencer W.…show more content…
He suggests, that first when interpreting new information, check the source for creditability. Second, he recommends to investigate the context of the information to make sure it isn’t taken out of place. President Worthen then advises patients in searching for truth, he says, “in this life there will never be ready answers to all our questions, despite what modern technology may cause us to think.” Finally he suggests a Christ centered life because the Savior is the origin of all
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