Key Attempts For Improve Workers Housing

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What key attempts were made to improve workers housing in Britain between 1850 -1910? What particular design features were considered important to raise living standards?

Due to the factors Britain faced during the early 1900’s, one being a massive rise in population between 1800-1900, from 180 million to 400 million people. Housing became more expensive and general living standards decreased with the fall of industrialisation and urbanisation.
In this essay I will try to highlight the key attempts made to improve workers housing in Britain between the years of 1850-1910. Industrialisation and urbanisation developed during the late 1700’s. This was the process of companies removing physical labour and replacing this with machinery. The iron and the textile industries we’re two fields of work which played a big impact on the industrial revolution and the people who mainly benefited from these occupations were the very poor and working class.

This had a very negative effect on the working class and the majority were forced into poverty. Most areas resulted in slums and only the very rich lived comfortably.
Due to this loss, houses became very overcrowded to the point where families had to live in a single room. This would be where they would cook, eat, sleep and socialise. Rooms to rent became very popular.

Victorian houses were very poorly built, they were becoming old and decapitated. They were designed so that each house backed onto another which left windows built
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