Key Components of a Balanced Diet

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Explain the role of each of the key components of a balanced diet. A balanced diet is a diet with all of the key nutrition that is essential to health healthy growth and activity [internet][viewed on 07th October 2010] A good health is well being of the body and its functionalities. A healthy balanced diet can be when eating variety of foods to get nutrients needed by the body. Balanced diet contains micro and macro nutrients in the amount that is needed by our bodies. The daily recommended allowance of calories for a man is 2500, women is 2000and children 1800. This is based on how much energy is needed by the body to function normally. The daily recommended allowance is a nutritional need that…show more content…
It also helps in the absorption of calcium from the digested food. The energy is normally used as a muscle protector and the rest stored when not needed in the liver. A carbohydrate is also needed by the central nervous system i.e. the kidney, brain, and the muscle for them to function properly. When not enough carbohydrates is digested or eaten there is a breakdown of body protein. The foods that are mainly rich in carbohydrates are starchy food grains, potatoes, fruits, milk and yogurt. They can be found in these but in lesser amount vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds and cottage cheese. [Internet][accessed on 05 october2010] Proteins Proteins in our diet are essential to our bodies for the promoting of lean tissue growth. The function of immunity in our body needs foods that are full of protein. Essential hormones and enzymes depend on proteins for their making. Growth in children and adults, tissue repair and immune functions are all depended on proteins in their work. Proteins that can be found in animals are consisting of essential amino acids that are needed; and Non essential amino acids are found in plants. When your body starts to develop weak muscle it’s a sign of less protein in the body. Less protein in your diet could lead to development of spots on the nails and brittle hair. Fats The functions of fat in our body are to maintain normal growth and development. The fat in our diet
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