Key Concepts Of Securing Data

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In today’s world information security is extremely important; this is due to the fact that everything in everyone’s daily life is somehow connected to the internet in one way or another. It is of the upmost importance that the information stored on servers throughout the world be protected at all times. Globally, people of all walks of life have personal information stored on servers, whether it be banking information, social media information, phone numbers, addresses, etc. all of this personal information must be secured. The basic concepts of securing data would lie within the CIA triad. The CIA Triad stands for confidentiality, integrity and accessibility. With confidentiality, this ensures that the data be encrypted and not made available to an unauthorized individual. Integrity of information means that the data be accurate and not allowed to be changed in any way without proper credentials, this ensures the data stays intact without mishandling or corruption. Lastly, accessibility is making sure the data can be retrieved by an authorized individual in a dependable and timely manner also, to ensure the information systems are reliable. The most important part of the CIA triad is confidentiality in my opinion, having data files be confidential ensures the safety of sensitive information and harder for unauthorized users to obtain information without proper security keys or authorization. All of the components in the CIA triad are important when applied in unison.

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